Smart Controls Expo

About Smart Controls Zone

Smart Lighting India Expo is committed to identifying and nurturing technology companies with promising innovative solutions and technologies for the lighting industry by providing access to potential investors, smart control leaders, and decision-makers.

The dedicated Smart Controls Zone at the Smart Lighting India Expo is aimed at spurring investment in safety, security, efficiency, and aesthetics in architecture and interior design, ensuring a harmonious and intelligent living environment. Incorporating smart controls in buildings is of paramount importance as they enhance convenience, optimize energy usage, promote sustainability, and elevate the overall functionality and appeal of the space, leading to an enhanced quality of life for occupants.

Who should exhibit

Smart Switches

Motion Sensor

Smart Drivers

Dimmers & Controller

Smart Plugs

Building Automation

Energy Management Systems

Lux Meter

Whom will you meet

Builders and Contractors

Architects and Interior Designers

Property managers and facility owners

Technology Enthusiasts

Government Authorities

Commercial Building & Industries

Malls, Shopping complexes, Hotels & Restaurants

Agents/wholesalers/ Distributors

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